Burke County: Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Bliss

Dated: January 16 2024

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Burke County, one of Georgia's eight original counties, established in 1777, is full of history. Antebellum homes combine perfectly with Victorian cottages and modern houses, creating a unique artwork that tells the story of time. The continuity of architectural styles defines the county's core, providing a living history for the people here.


According to the US Census Bureau, Burke County, GA’s predicted 2024 population is 25,108, up 0.51% from the previous year.

Burke County might be appealing if you value a close-knit community and a more relaxed pace of life. Smaller towns often provide a strong sense of community and may offer a quieter, more peaceful environment. Also, outdoor activities and a rural or semi-rural setting in Burke County's natural surroundings might be positive aspects. Consider the local parks, recreational opportunities, and access to nature.

Market Report for Burke, GA

The median listing home price in Burke County, GA, was $265K in November 2023, trending down -11.5% year-over-year. The median listing home price per square foot was $130. The median home sold price was $251.6K. 

Homes for Sale: In the last 30 days, the market witnessed a slight decrease, with 59 homes available, down by 4.8%. 

New to Market: Nine homes entered, showcasing a notable increase of 21.3%. 

Average Home Price: The market's average home price currently stands at $286,958, reflecting a slight decrease of 0.9%. 

Price Reductions: A noteworthy shift in pricing dynamics is observed, with six price reductions in the last 30 days, indicating a substantial increase of 50%. 

Price per Sqft: The price per square foot has experienced a decline, reaching $120, down by 4%. 

Average Sold Price: Despite the dip in the average home price, the average sold price in the last 30 days stands at $223,333, marking a significant increase of 17.4%. 

Homes Sold: The number of homes sold in the last 30 days witnessed a notable decrease, with only 3 homes sold, down by 70%.

The real estate landscape in the last 30 days has shown the overall inventory has slightly decreased, and the surge in new listings and increased average sales prices present a nuanced scenario.

Sellers are strategically adjusting prices, and buyers may find opportunities in the evolving market conditions.

Work and Life Harmony:

Burke County offers a harmonious fusion of work and life. Diverse economic sectors provide employment diversity. Residents enjoy an affordable cost of living, notably lower than in metropolitan areas, ensuring financial prudence.

Outdoor enthusiasts find solace in Burke County's natural beauty, with ample hunting and fishing opportunities. In the Bird Dog Capital of the World, Waynesboro, these activities seamlessly blend into the community-centric lifestyle.

Investment and Development:

Burke County is a canvas for growth, boasting a robust industrial presence and a commitment to development. The Waynesboro/Burke County Industrial Park, epitomizing this dedication, offers fully serviced facilities in a strategically advantageous location.

Strategic positioning facilitates seamless product flow, supported by well-maintained highways, regional airports, and rail access. Proximity to major container ports in Savannah and Charleston enhances logistical advantages, making Burke County an irresistible hub for businesses.

Agriculture thrives as a cornerstone of Burke County's economy, with commercial farm operations spanning half the county—an expansive canvas for agribusiness ventures.

Burke County's energy landscape shines with the soon-to-be highest-output nuclear facility in the US and a mini-energy cluster, attracting diverse industries. This harmonious blend positions Burke County as an ideal destination for both a fulfilling lifestyle and strategic investments.

Latest Development Initiatives:

According to Morganton.com, the Local Government Commission (LGC) has approved nearly $280 million in requests for financing from housing authorities across the state, including Burke. This marks the second consecutive month the LGC has approved large amounts of financing to increase the state's supply of affordable housing.

Several housing authorities have received the go-ahead to issue conduit revenue bonds, which are then loaned to third parties to acquire, rehabilitate, equip, and furnish housing developments. 

Burke County wants you to start a real estate adventure full of potential, whether you're a seller hoping to highlight your property's distinctive story or a buyer enthralled by historical charm. 

For a comprehensive understanding of the trends and personalized insights into your real estate journey, connect with The Barrett Team today. Our expertise goes beyond numbers, ensuring you navigate the market with confidence and success.

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Your journey to abundance and prosperity begins here in Burke County, where every chapter is a testament to a life well lived.

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